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Everyone needs a plan, but not everyone has the time to develop and follow one. That is where Proxy’s team of planners step in. Providing a fully customizable and comprehensive set of services, Proxy methodically collaborates, architects, implements and maintains on an ongoing basis the playbooks that enable its clients to more effectively achieve their financial goals. 

You and your family work hard to build and protect your wealth, but what happens when you succeed? How do you protect your hard work for future generations? We rarely address these issues proactively. At Proxy our mix of expertise and technology can unlock the answers to those questions and provide smart, proactive solutions to address them before they become more than what they should be, an exciting next step in protecting your wealth for generations to come.

Business Planning

Estate Planning

When businesses succeed they become more complex. Having the right partners to help you continue to grow while protecting your hard work is paramount. Proxy’s business Planning Advisors are ready to help.

Planning for retirement, for some, is the most important step in their financial life. The transition from working years to financial freedom takes confidence that can only come from building and knowing your plan. Proxy and its team if CFP professionals are here to help.

Great planning lies in the ability to be proactive, not reactive.

- Oleg Zviagin

Proxy Wealth Advisors is PLANNING DONE BETTER.

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