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Proxy brings a deep understanding of not just the markets, but also of the technologies and platforms that best facilitate investments for our clients. This enables Proxy to provide professional, smart and efficient investment management strategies, without the traditional and expensive red tape that comes with working with a dedicated advisor.

Proxy believes that financial services are not just for the wealthy, or even those who just reside in the United States, but for everyone. With that, Proxy has built its wealth management platform so as to be open to anyone, anywhere in the world. A dedication to providing equality in its services in why Proxy is, wealth management done better.

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Proxy’s wealth management team understands that each client is unique and therefore so their strategy for building wealth. Beyond providing smart, efficient, professional fiduciary services for anyone anywhere in the world, Proxy also posses a wide array of boutique investment services meant to specifically address the unique needs of our clients in todays ever evolving world.

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Our goal is to be consistantly correct, not ocassionally brilliant.

- Marc Decuffa

Proxy Wealth Advisors is WEALTH DONE BETTER.

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